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Commercial and residential scaffolding is available from DC Access Systems Ltd. We will design, erect, and dismantle a custom structure to your specifications.

Highly qualified, expert technical staff, here to help.

DC Access Systems covers Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, London, and all surrounding areas, assisting some of the largest construction companies in the UK. For your complete peace of mind, we handle all health and safety requirements, and our fully accredited team of scaffolders completes the necessary risk assessments and method statements. This high level of customer service has helped us establish ourselves as one of the leading scaffolding companies in the South East.


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There are very few scaffolding firms operating in the Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells, and Kent areas that are as capable in all elements of the industry, both commercial and domestic, as our own, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us no matter what your requirements are.


We at DC Access Systems cover Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, London, and all of the surrounding locations, and we offer our help and guidance to some of the largest construction businesses in the United Kingdom.

We take care of all health and safety standards, and our team of scaffolders is professionally accredited, so we can provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the appropriate risk assessments and method statements have been completed.

Due in large part to the exceptional level of care that we provide for our customers, we have become recognised as one of the most reputable scaffolding companies in the South East.

Scaffolding for both business and domestic use is available from DC Access Systems Ltd. When you are finished using the scaffolding, our scaffolders will design and install a structure that is unique to your needs and precisely adapted to meet those needs. After that, they will disassemble the scaffolding.

To further ensure that personnel utilising the scaffold will do so without risk, we can even include safety measures to avoid falls. As the most reliable local scaffolding contractors serving Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells, and the whole of Kent, we will only ever construct scaffolds that are strong, long-lasting, and sturdy.


For our commuity.

“DC Access Systems have been one of our major sponsors and a very important partner for the Tonbridge Half Marathon since its inception in 2011. This has become a major community event for the town and D.C. Access Systems involvement in constructing our start/finish podium each year has been invaluable. Their financial sponsorship has helped us to not only meet all the costs associated with a major road running event, but also to raise a considerable amount of money for our chosen local charities. Many runners also raise money for their own charities, well over £50,000 is raised in this way every year. D.C. Access Systems and its directors are involved in supporting the local community in many different ways and we are very grateful for their continuing commitment to the Tonbridge Half Marathon.”

Andy Blundell

“We are delighted to say that DC Access Systems have been our major sponsors for several years now. Cowdrey Cricket Club’s overall objective is to provide facilities and fixtures to members from Under 11s to Kent League adult cricketers. Whilst naturally keen that our senior teams are successful, we are equally committed to the nurture and development of our younger (Colts) members. D.C. Access Systems are happy that we spend the money they so generously provide in any way we feel will benefit the Club. What we actually do is put the funds towards the cost of an ‘overseas’ player/coach. This individual strengthens the playing side of things on a weekend but, just as importantly to us, spends a great deal of the rest of his time coaching and encouraging local junior cricketers. The amount of enthusiasm displayed by the youngsters is remarkable and the improvement in standards notable. None of this would be possible without the generosity of DC Access Systems. We thank them whole-heartedly for their past and, hopefully, future commitment to Cowdrey Cricket Club.”

Steve Southwart – Secretary
Swanmead Sports Ground, Kent

“DC Access Systems have been sponsoring Tonbridge Angels Football Club (TAFC) for a number of years. TAFC is the premier football side in the town and are currently playing in the Ryman Premier Football League. We are a community club that involves the community as a whole and support local events for many different clubs and organisations, indeed one of the logos the club use is “more than just a football club.
Without local businesses, such as D.C. Access Systems, events held at the club would not be as successful as they are, many of these provide much needed revenue for the running of TAFC as well as raising funds for various other local and national charities. DC Access Systems are an integral part of many events which take place at the ground or inside the events marquee. They regularly provide scaffolding in the form of a stage or whatever else needs to be erected. They attend and support the various functions and dinners held by the club and have always been very generous towards us. Without your loyal support many of the functions would not be possible to put on,
Thank you for your continued commitment to TAFC.”

Darren Apps – Events Manager
Tonbridge Angels Football Club, Tonbridge

As one of the organisers of Angelfest I would like to personally thank all those at D.C. Access Systems for their help and support of the event. Angelfest is the town’s biggest beer and music festival, each year they have constructed the racking for the beer, the stage and lighting rigs, along with attending the weekend with business clients. The festival has been running for 5 years now and is growing year on year. The festival showcases the best local musical talent as well as raising money for a different charity each year.
DC Access Systems have supported the event from the very beginning providing both materials and much needed man power as well as attending. It is difficult to imagine how the festival would be staged without the help and support from them.
Thank you for your continued commitment to Angelfest and TAFC.”

Chris Parker – Co-Organiser
Tonbridge Angels Football Club, Tonbridge

“Tonbridge Juddians greatly appreciate the support and sponsorship received from DC Access Systems. We are proud to be associated with the company who have been a Founder Sponsor since the merger of the two Rugby Clubs in Tonbridge in 1999.”

Mike Grasby
Tonbridge Juddians

Southborough Cricket Club would like to thank DC Access Systems for their continued support to our club. Without the financial input from our local businesses the club would struggle to keep the grounds & clubhouse in such good condition – truly a jewel in the area, and as such not attract new members from the local community.

The support allows the junior section of the club to flourish, which in turn means there is the knowledge of continuity of players into the senior sections.

Mandy Pulsford

Southborough Cricket Club

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